Friday, August 6, 2010

WV Teach Conference: Live Video with Ustream

Vicki Smallwood  and Leigh Ann Hood report from the WV State Technology Conference: 

Vicki's Report:
World’s Easiest Podcasting and Live Video
By Joshua Ratcliff, TIS, Cabell Co. Schools

Joshua told us how he uses Ustream to send a live video feed from his classroom.
The session can also be recorded for students to play back later.  He said he uses this when he has a planned absence – the sub can play his recorded feed and it’s almost like he’s in the room.  The students see him doing examples of the assignment – he doesn’t have to rely on a sub that may or may not know algebra. 
Students who are absent can see what they missed by watching the video.  He doesn’t have to keep teaching it over and over to each student who missed it. 
Parents can also watch the lesson in order to better help their children with homework or to just see what they are learning.

To learn more about Ustream go to:

click on Ustream notes

Leigh Ann's Notes

U Stream:� Live Video Podcasting from Your Classroom
Josh from Huntington
Notes can be found at; click on notes

Website feed, no extra equipment
Can be linked on Edline and his students watch from there.
Students have no excuse for missed work if they can access a computer with internet.
Homework:� You can archive so they can go back and watch the lesson
and remember the homework.� Allows parent to see the class and understand the lesson esp. Math.
Elementary:� student presentations-Mom and Dad can watch from office.

Ideas:� Gym teacher points it to the walls so kids can see if their doing
something correctly.
Use as Training Videos.
Use as Event Sharing with another county
Use as Professional Development

There is a tiny delay of about 3 seconds.

This is used by talk radio and is also used by churches.

U Stream is not the only one that does
You need a laptop with a webcam and built-in mic-Netbooks are perfect.
Josh bought a mic- Rode MPG2 mic for better audio.�
A lapel mic also will not get static noise.
If you don�t have a built-in mic, buy one at Wal Mart
Josh bought a Canon ZR930.

Need parental permission if you plan to film students at work
State has not blocked this yet.
Bandwith:� not been a problem yet at his school.� He does not broadcast all day.� Can conserve by turning off during down times in class.
If you are a mover (not a stand in front), position your camera where it can capture more of the class.
You could also buy an omni-directional camera.
U Stream:� houses all of this, so space should not be a problem.� Not hogging up hard drive space.

When you save a video, you can send it straight to YouTube.

Setting Up an Account:
1.� Click Sign Up
2.� Fill Out Form
You are in.� UStream will send you an e-mail.
Click Start Broadcasting�
Fill Out Info section and Save Changes.
To share your video, highlight live embed and copy.
Paste into Edline or other website.
If you want to post an already recorded video, click on videos tab, and embed again.
To embed chat (for questions), embed to Chat embed (only on live).
You must embed as HTML.

Password for the show: Go to Advanced Tap and Require a password for your students.� You can also put the password on Edline or your website.

If you want more, info go to Josh�s site at the top of the page.

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