Saturday, August 7, 2010

Digital Storytelling – Adam Fresel

Sandy Wiseman reports from the WV State Technology Conference

Adam provided tips on how to use Photostory 3 to do digital storytelling with students at all levels.  In Photostory you can batch upload pictures, you can easily arrange pictures once they are uploaded, and you can add titles on top of the pictures. 
  • ·         Write the story first
  • ·         Use story boards to help students organize their thoughts.  You can find free examples on the internet.
  • ·         Using your own photos eliminates copyright issues
  • ·         You should allow student time to explore the software before working on their project
  • ·         Older student can use cell phones to take pictures and email themselves the pictures
  • ·         Allow students to work together ; you can randomly group them by dealing a deck of cards
  • ·         When students are taking their own pictures make sure you check permissions before posting any work

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