Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Would You Like to Learn?

This past year has been a fantastic one in terms of professional growth.  I have learned so much and have in turn helped spread some of what I know to others.  Most importantly, I have implemented ideas, strategies and technologies that make me much more effective at my job.

In years past I have heard lots of moaning that school library media specialists don't have staff development sessions that meet our needs.  I think this is very justified, even in a county that has many library media specialists such as Monongalia County.  The great news is that now we have more options to take charge of our own learning and to cut down on the isolation that we face in our daily professional lives.

I think we have a lot to teach each other, as demonstrated by the notes sent to this blog by Vicki Smallwood, Leigh Ann Hood and Sandy Wiseman from the WV State Technology Conference.  I propose that we develop our own learning communities and share what we know, helping each other and ourselves.  I am willing to lead some sessions and be a hostess, but perhaps we will need to find hosts or hostesses in other areas of the state that are more geographically equitable. 

I have posted a survey in Google forms.  Please take the survey and let me know how you feel about forming an informal professional learning community. I think we need each other.  How about you?

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