Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Been A While

It seems totally unreal that it has been so long since my last post. December seems so far away now, but June - the end of school - and even Spring Break seem even farther away.

Things have changed since December. My new floors have been laid, Christmas has come and gone, and a new semester at WVU is almost over. Chrissi wrecked her car, and I suffered a hit-and-run with the rental car, but now Chrissi's car is returned to her and mine to me. Winter is almost over, and Daylight Savings Time 2008 began this past weekend.

The big news is that Christina is engaged. She and Brian are planning a Summer 2009 wedding at the beach. We've never met Brian's family, but I am sure they are as wonderful as Brian. I am nervous about trying to blend my somewhat outrageous family with his humble and pious one, but I am praying it will work. Our first step is to select a beach house to host the wedding. I am sure whatever we choose will be fine, even if the logistics drive us crazy.

I started back at Weight Watchers, not because of Chrissi's wedding but for general health concerns. I have been so tired all the time, and I suspect diet or excess weight may be the cause. Last summer I was unable to do hardly any work at the farm; hopefully I will be more productive this year.

After one week on the diet I can honestly say I have more energy. I was actually dancing with Roxy on Saturday, and I did not simply want to sleep all weekend, even though the weather was quite conducive. I don't know if my new-found energy is result of dieting or the occurrence of more daylight minutes, but I do believe the change is real.

I have not been terribly hungry until today. This has been a hard day. It's my county cataloging and planning day, so I have not had children to keep my mind off my diet. Weigh-in is tonight. I'm certainly hoping the day's hunger will be rewarded with a nicer number on the scale.