Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sean Tuohy: "Turn Around"

Leigh Ann Hood reports from the WV State Technology Conference:  

Sean Tuohy: In a Heartbeat

Sean talked about being careful how you value people. His book centers on how life can change in a heartbeat to families just like yours. It can be summed up in the two words his wife uttered when they saw Michael Oher walking past them on the street: "Turn around." Those two words can make a difference in a person's life.

Sean discussed how Michael had gone to eleven different schools in nine years and for two years didn't go at all. Academics had no value to him.

Teachers are one of the most giving professions. Technology is wonderful unless you fear it which is how unknown students and people can be as well.

Sean felt that although the director of the movie got the story, most of Hollywood by their questions didn't. His family feels that the power of a cheerful giver is what life is all about. The people who sat in the theaters got it by putting themselves in the movie as givers. Most people's favorite time of the year is Christmas, and  Christmas all about giving. It is the only time of year when people are cheerful givers. If giving makes us so happy, then why do we quit? His family got to give everyday cheerfully.  Michael got a house, the Tuohys got Christmas.

 If every household in the US adopted one child, there would be none left to adopt.

 People want to make a difference.  The kids are watching, so give with a cheerful heart. He then quoted 2 Corinthians passage about how one shouldn't give grudgingly.

The power in a cheerful giver is because the recipient can tell whether it is cheerful. Michael never had to ask for anything; it was given cheerfully.  Michael also has in incredible ability to forgive and doesn't have time to be mad about his past.

Sean reiterated his main points again-turn around and give cheerfully.

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