Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet The iPod Family

Leigh Ann Hood reports from the WV State Technology Conference:

iPod in Education with Dave Marra

Meet the iPod Family

Shuffle-music only
Classic-really large capacity 160GB
iPod nano-built-in video camera 16 hours of video; built-in mic and speaker; voice memos, spoken menus for accessibility
iPod Touch- built in Wi-Fi; built in web browsing, e-mail, 3rd party apps
�� built-in accelerometer (changes screen from landscape to vertical); safari web browser; 15 built-in apps; wi-fi locator, weather, calculator, photos; Apps for every grade and subject area (Apple in Education-search by subject and function (

32GB/64GB-different electronics.� 50 % faster, built-in headphone, voice control, built-in Universal Access (voice over, screen zoom, white on black text).�

Introducing iPad
Design-tablet computer
LED-backlit display with IPS Tech can be seen from many angles
Precision Multi-Touch technology
.5 inch thin / 1.5 pounds light� includes 30 pin Connector and Speaker
Battery lasts 10 hours
Built-in Universal Access (see above)

iPad Apps
App Store-260,000 Apps
17,000 in Education Store
Examples:� Nat Geo World Atlas, MathBoard, Shakespeare Pro, English is Easy (ESL), Quick Graph, Proloquo2Go, On-Track Time, Money and Fractions, eClicker (also for iPod Touch), Star Walk, The Elements (video of every single element).

Access iTunes U-for colleges and universities; prof create podcasts of their lectures.

iBooks:� free e-book reader
60,000 books on iBookstore
30,000 books for free on public domain
Books are voice over ready supported 7 languages

iWork for iPad-Keynote, Pages, Numbers; compatible with Microsoft and can be exported back to Microsoft.� 3 different purchases on App Store for $9.99 each.

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