Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mark Moore: What 21st Century Teaching and Learning Looks Like

Leigh Ann Hood reports from the WV State Technology Conference:  
Department of Education specialist Mark Moore presented a session demonstrating the essence of what 21st Century teaching and learning should look like.  To sum it up: the learning is active. Below are Leigh Ann’s notes from this session.  (Anything in parentheses is my addition to the notes.)

Moore stated that what many people think is a 21st Century learning scenario in fact is not.  The following are examples of simulations and activities that require deep thinking skills.

Power Up Game ( :  Collaboration, Team Work, Civics, Science, Math, Problem Solving,Critical Thinking.  Teacher works as a guide.  Engaging.  (I have used this game with a 5th grade science class and with a third grade class.  Both groups were totally engaged.  This could be modified for use with classes through high school, as the issues are very complex and the thinking skills can be progressively intensified with the age level of the student.  Check out my 5th grade project page for this game: .)

Intel Thinking Tools Ranking etc.  Decide which animals are most like humans?
Dolphins:  Play and Communicate
Bees:  Society, Royalty, Defenders, Workers
Venus Fly Traps:  Eats meat
Primates:  98% DNA with us.

Gang Warfare:  Block out on the floor squares.  Fill the squares with people.  Names are
Good Boys(Great Britain), Franks(French), Bears(Russians), Germs(Germany), Waffle(Belgium), Food(Austria-Hungary), BS(Bosnia-Serbia).  A way to teach World War I beginnings without the kids knowing what they’re doing.

Mock Trials:  Fairy Tales (Jack and the Beanstalk on trial for murder).  Have a trial between
schools.  Use third school as jurors.  

You can make and launch rockets for approx. .75c

Assessment:  Get away from papers. 

Move toward demonstrations, projects, building things, etc.

Building a Sod House:  Game and primary source documents from Smithsonian.

Mark Moore will pay for Thinkfinity and Intel training if you call him about it.

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