Sunday, August 29, 2010

Really Random Thoughts

  1. I am thrilled with the reaction students, teachers and parents have had to this year's Accelerated Reader Theme, Reading Rainforest.  This is very gratifying to me, since I have never considered myself an artsy person.  
  2. I am excited that Christina has given my her old  Cricut.  It is wonderful, kind of like an Ellison machine on steroids.  I used her new Cricut to make the die cuts for this year's reading theme.  
  3. The first week of school was pretty good.  It would have been excellent if we did not have to deal with the new meal program.  I am sure there are lots of beneficial features   in the new program, but in terms of data-entry efficiency, the old system was better.  (There, I said it.)
  4. I still haven't decided about the first training session for library media specialists.  Let me know what you want.  Teachers could come to these, too.  There are a lot of cool things I have learned this past year that could make life easier and information more accessible.
  5. It's gonna be a great year, Tater.

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