Monday, July 5, 2010


This past week I had to replace my Blackberry - again.  It was my second replacement since March.  The first Curve had lasted almost a year, even though I drove over it (twice) in November and cracked the screen.  It was quite usable until the charging port went bad.

As much as I loved my original Curve, I liked the replacement I got in March even better. The OS seemed faster and the reception was excellent.  Unfortunately, the charging port in it only lasted three months before having issues. Hence, I got online at the phone insurance site,, and $40 later, this replacement Curve was on the way.

The setup process and data conversion from Curve2 did not go smoothly.  I spent about an hour online with two U.S. Cellular customer service reps before I got my issues resolved. During the lag time in our call, I had a nice conversation about the Android phones the company will be adding to it's lineup later this summer.  I think that when it comes time to renew my contract in late September I will switch my home phone number to the Curve and buy a new Android phone for me.  The HTC Desire sounds promising.

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