Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Could I Keep It to Six? Maybe Before Breakfast!

In his July 26 post on the Blue Skunk blog, Doug Johnson challenges us to see if we could limit our use of technology to six websites and two gadgets for an entire week.  Admittedly, I haven't put a lot of thought into this, but I just don't see it working for me.  Take a look at my day.  (For argument's sake, we'll assume it is summer,  and I have no reason to actually search for other people.)

6:00 a.m.:  Wake up my baby (my Samsung laptop)  Device 1 used. Launch Internet Explorer.
                 Open my Excel spreadsheet that contains my checkbook.  Log into Huntington Bank's Online                                    
                 Banking site to check my financial health.  Website 1.
6:05 a.m.:  Check my Google Analytics account to determine if anyone has looked any of my blogs or sites. (I                                        
                  know this is somewhat vain, but it is useful to know if anyone is interested in your work.)
                 Website 2.
6:10 a.m :  Login to my. local newspaper, the Dominion Post. Website 3.  
6:30 a.m.:  Grab my third Diet Pepsi and fire up Google Chrome, because Facebook  runs better  on Chrome 
                 than Explorer. (Website 4).  After catching up on all the news that is news among my friends, I
                 settle in for some serious surfing.
6:40 a.m.   Now it's time to check my Google Reader account. (Website 5) Here's where things get
                  interesting.  It all depends on what is on my Google feed.  Perhaps I have a notification from
                 Informal Learning Flow that I think would be interesting for my teachers.  I open my Brookhaven 
                 Technology Center (Website 6)site and add a snippet.  Likewise, I might find information on a
                  children's author or series that I want to share with my peeps.  I login to my Ping (Website 7)
                  account and choose the appropriate venues for sharing.  If my find is important enough, I might
                 add it to my library webpage, AskMrsMartin (Website 8).
7:00 a.m.   Time for breakfast and my fourth Diet Pepsi.  Afterwards I'll return to my Google Reader.
                  Hopefully I'll find some wonder thought to ponder in my Random Thoughts blog, like I did with
                  post from Doug Johnson.

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Christina said...

Me, either!! You've thought about it much more than I have, though. :)