Thursday, September 20, 2007

When I'd rather be running

For the third consecutive day I am sitting in the Bridgeport Conference Center. It's not that I mind being here. I have enjoyed meeting with my colleagues and sharing ideas. I have learned how to navigate Google tools, fine tune my blogs, and construct a wiki using wiki syntax.
But I can't stand sitting here. There is not enough happening! The problems we have experienced with the Internet connection has made it impossible for us to multitask as we would like. Some of my cohorts feel the same. They are bouncing on their chairs, talking when they should be listening. In short we are being poor students.
As for me, I imagine myself running around the exterior of the Conference Center, taking in the beautiful late suumer sunshine. In my mind I am energized, refreshed. My legs are strong, my lungs robust as I stride practically weightless in the fragrant fall air.
Back here in the real world in the interior of the conference center, my butt is getting sore from sitting. At least my mind is free to run when my body is constricted.

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