Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Personnel Change

This year's personnel changes at my school had me discombobulated when the school year began.  It was the first time this school had experienced such major changes in staff since Title I teachers were added in the late 1990s.  Of course adding new teachers is never a problem.  It's the loss of the existing faculty members that bothers me. This year we lost seven teachers.

But even though I miss my familiar colleagues, change is good.  The art teacher and music teacher have been enthusiastically received by the students.  Our two new first grade teachers are on a roll.  The new fifth grade teacher is wonderful, original and a team player. The two new special ed teachers also are bringing their own personalities to the positions and are working fantastically with the other teaching staff.  Finally, our new assistant principal is a breath of fresh air, giving our principal much needed help.  Yep, change is good.  I am thrilled that each of these teachers is here

But for what it's worth, I still miss Marcie, Nicole, Elaine, Beth, Molly, Leah and Rachael.

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