Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Days in and I Am Finally Getting Organized

 The 2010-2011 school year is finally coming together for me.  Even though the library has been open from Day One, I cannot say that I have felt "ready.". I had no schedule for the library helpers and had not begun to think about book clubs or writers club.  Now, two days into a three-day weekend at the farm, a library helpers schedule has been set and book clubs have been planned.  After the library helpers get their first week under their belts, I will turn my attention to writers club and the kinds of transliteracy activities I envision for them.

Two weeks into the school year the library is exceptionally neat.  I have always maintained that the library could be busy or neat but not both. I think the library has been adequately busy this early in the school year, but certainly the busy season has not begun. I do think, however, that I have tried extra hard to maintain neatness, since it is very important to my principal.  Even my office is (relatively) orderly!

Programatically I will experience two changes this year. First, I will be teaching an enrichment RTI reading group consisting of five second graders. Although I was initially reluctant, I am looking forward to working with this group.  My early resistance stemmed from two factors: principle and fear. In terms of principle, I have been the last elementary librarian in Monongalia County to have a totally open, flexible schedule.  It is hard to forfeit an operating plan that research has shown to be most beneficial to all students.  I will simply need to be better organized, maybe by scheduling parent volunteers during RTI time, to continue to meet the needs of all our students.  Self-checkout is also an option.

The second reason for resistance was fear of the unknown.  I have never taught reading before!  What am I supposed to do with five second graders?  Fortunately, after giving the issue consideration, I am looking forward to working with this group.  I have received and know I will continue to receive much needed support from our reading mentor teacher/academic coach, Leslie Phares. This is going to be fun!

The second programatic change is that I will be running the before school daycare program at Brookhaven under the auspices of Visiting Homemakers.  I am not sure what this program will entail, but I am looking forward to learning more.  I know it will start on September 13 and that so far eleven kids have registered.  I will find out more on Tuesday, when I meet with program director, Judy Brennen.

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