Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Webtop Session Two: Google Sites

Session Two of the WVLearns class Webtop for Educators focuses on Google Sites.  In this session each participant develops his own website for professional use.  It was in this class that I developed the Brookhaven Technology Center Site.  Google Sites is a very user friendly platform that teachers can use to promote classroom activities or post student work.  You can set levels of security to limit how much of your content can be viewed outside the school setting.

It could be argued that teachers do not need a Google Site when they have access to EdLine. My response to this argument would be that you can truly make Google Sites your own, with multiple design options.  You may upload pictures and video to site as you desire.  The main advantage of Google Sites over EdLine is, in my opinion, that Google Sites in much faster.  I also think it is easier to use.

Even if you don't think Google Sites is something you would want to maintain for professional use, you may find personal uses of the Sites to excite you.  I am planning on developing a family history site using Google Sites later this summer.

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