Sunday, May 23, 2010

Post-National Board Depression

I have been feeling a bit down this year.  I call this Post-National Board Depression.  Last year, I was fully immersed in the National Board process, and that immersion provided me with drive and focus.  I completely believed that I would continue working toward certification this year. When I found that I had achieved certification on my first attempt, I was thrilled, exhilarated.  And then, lost.  What is to motivate me now?

I have decided to fully evaluate Brookhaven Elementary's Library Media Program and to set yearly goals in each of the four domains of the library media specialist.  For 2010-2011 my goals are as follows:

As a teacher: 
  • I plan to devise and implement a cyber safety curriculum for all grade levels in 2010-2011.  The county uses the iSafe curriculum, and I plan to incorporate this with other web-based resources to best meet the needs of our students. This will take place September through April.
  • I want to continue working on research projects with Mrs. Henderson (explorers, Native Americans), Mrs. DeLawder (scientists) and Mrs. Lowe (energy).  I would like to co-teach possibly two other projects as well.
  • I would like to run Writers Club during the 5th grade RTI period.  I feel this would allow children to participate in the club without sacrificing a much needed recess.
As an instructional partner:
  • I will attend monthly collaborative planning meeting with all grade levels in hopes of better serving the needs of all teachers.
  • I will continue to develop the AskMrsMartin webpage to include resources to support learning units.
As a technology integration specialist:
  • I will update the Brookhaven Technology Center site on a regular basis with informtion and trends I have discovered through my personal learning network.
  • I will conduct to staff development sessions per month on items of interest to the faculty.
  • I will test and determine the usefulness of mobile presenters.
As a program administrator:
  • I will communicate my program monthly via blog, wiki update or the school newsletter.
  • I will develop a library handbook.

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